Scala Language

In our FPGA project we’ll be using the UC Berkeley Architecture Research team’s Rocket core. (Most likely we’ll be using it) The core is written in the Scala language and is compiled via Chisel into C++ simulator or Verilog for FPGA/ASIC.

Now I need to know Scala to fully understand the rocket core, and so I’m looking throught the Scala Tutorial, offered at the Scala Language site.

Interesting Features

Method call

Methods taking one argument can be used with an infix syntax.

df format now

These have the same meaning syntactically. Seems alot like the style of smalltalk (and Objective-C)

Function are Objects (Passing functions as arguments)

object Timer {
  def oncePerSecond(callback: () => Unit) {
    while (true) { callback(); Thread sleep 1000 }
  def timeFlies() {
    println("time flies like an arrow...")
  def main(args: Array[String]) {

Anonymous Functions

object TimerAnonymous {
  def oncePerSecond(callback: () => Unit) {
    while (true) { callback(); Thread sleep 1000 }
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    oncePerSecond(() =>
      println("time flies like an arrow..."))

Notice that the () => denotes an anonymous function. I think it would be a lambda function 😉


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