Setting up Gitlab on Synology (via Docker)

Synology provides Gitlab from their package manager. However when you log on you see that the build version is too old, and Gitlab asks for upgrade ASAP.

Thus, I checked the docker registry, and downloaded the sameersbn/gitlab.

Synology seems to use Docker API v1 instead of v2, and so you can’t see all the tags. Thus logon to the synology device over ssh, and execute the following command

docker pull sameersbn/gitlab:8.12.3

The 8.12.3 was the latest tag. There is also another tag that is latest and so you may just pull from that tag.

Then you get a totally new docker image on the docker explorer on synology DSM. From here we need to copy some environment variables from the synology gitlab docker.

From the provided 8.6.2 to the 8.12.3, obviously there were a lot of change, and we need to add two more environment variables before gitlab boots properly.

This github issue helps us with the issue. Basically find the .secret file, and the secret value needs to be set as the GITLAB_SECRETS_OTP_KEY_BASE and GITLAB_SECRETS_SECRET_KEY_BASE. After you add these values gitlab should boot up.

Its a shame that the synology version of docker does not suport the pulling the latest version, and we have to do this manually. But still, synology did provide quite a lot of useful variables to refer to.

Finally set GITLAB_HTTPS to true to forward the GITLAB_PORT to HTTPS.

You should be set to go!


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